A19 is an Atlanta based womenswear and accessories brand founded in 2018 by designer Kara Chin. The brand ideation came about while the designer served as a wardrobe stylist to various pop-culture icons. Identifying a need in fashion to represent the female body with dignified style, the designer created her first collection for A19. Named after the designer’s son Ayden and what the designer discovered to be her angel numbers “1” and “9” which are indicative of new beginnings, the brand aims to revolutionize the way in which women exude sex appeal in fashion. 

Society wants women. Women dressed like women. Feminine yet fierce. Let’s put an end to hyper-sexuality and the exploitation of the female body through designs of desperation. Nudity does not equate to sex appeal. Sex appeal is first internal then external. A19 designs to flatter the body in ways that heightens confidence. The way a woman feels about herself is evident in the way in which she clothes her body. 

A19 designs for the dichotomy of a woman. The brand appeases the woman’s delicate feminine side. The craftsmanship iterates her strength with a sense of sophisticated ease.  Made by a woman for women, much consideration is given to the common problem areas that women share. The focus is on addressing these problem areas through thoughtful design and intentional fabric choices.

 It is time to reinvigorate the masculine imagination through subtlety and class.